Bending of the art

PressabluThanks to a range of computerized hydraulic press breaks, Tonello S.p.A. can supply profiles of the desired measure and section up to a length of 12,000 mm for a thickness of 60 mm. Our shears department allows cutting sheets up to a length of 6,300 mm for a thickness of 10 mm and plates with a thickness up to 25 mm. The company can perform beveling in preparation of welding, prior to bending or rolling. Moreover, it is possible to perform a zinc powder marking or engraving to support additional processing. Tonello S.p.A. is capable of performing C.N.C. punching on plates and sheets with profi les having an operating range up to 6,000 mm of length, with the possibility of secondary machining. The Company, in addition, is equipped with burring machines, glazing machines, sifters , and rolling presses. For the best perform for these tasks, the company uses:

  • Qty. 4 mechanical shears COLGAR
    length 6,000 mm x 10 mm thickness with repeated cutting strokes
    length 3,000 mm x 5 mm thickness
    length 1,500 mm x 22 mm thickness
    length 3,200 mm x 25 mm thickness
  • Qty. 5 hydraulic press breaks COLGAR
    length 12,000 mm, 3,000 tons CNC
    length 12,000 mm, 1100 tons CNC
    length 6,300 mm, 500 tons CNC
    length 3,300 mm, 700 tons CNC
    length 3,150 mm, 250 tons CNC
  • Qty. 2 Air clutch mechanical presses 250 tons CNC power 60 tons CNC power
  • Qty. 2 mono-punch punching machines OMERA 100 tons CNC power
  • Qty. 1 Hydraulic rolling press FACCIN length 3,000 mm 25 mm thickness CNC
  • Qty. 1 hydraulic rolling press FACCIN length 2,000 mm 5 mm thickness CNC

The Biggest Hydraulic Press Break in Europe


Maximum bending thickness:

  • 60 mm. over 12 mt,
  • 120 mm. over 3 mt,
  • 150 over 2 mt.

Pressa Grande


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