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State-of-the-art technologies and very high skills in all areas of the company allow us to meet the needs of our customers, guaranteeing products with a commendable standard. Our production unit specialized in assembly and welding, works in the field of medium-heavy carpentry construction, but also proposing itself as an important actor in the context of subcontracting for third parties. A great strength is to be able to operate on all mechanical parts with absolute precision, boasting such high quality that the company, since 2000, has been given UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certification on all production processes.

Thanks to two well-structured factories and technologically advanced equipment, the company is able to manage both large carpentry and small mechanical processes and assembly inside its own facilities. A staff with an unparalleled preparation and in constant training is the soul and the strong point of the company. About twenty people including technicians, carpenters and welders are the backbone of this company that has made timeliness, slenderness and competence an indispensable must to give concrete and quick answers to the market.

Thanks to our network of partners we are able to manage the entire production cycle, from the procurement of the material to the finished product. In addition to assembly, welding and assembly activities, we are also able to meet the needs of those who need cutting and folding activities. Moreover, thanks to a series of agreements signed with partner companies, our offer is completed by also providing support for mechanical processing and painting.


Thick workings

Our processes find their sector of application mainly for the construction, iron and steel, naval and energy industries. To be able to carry out the various operations in the best way, we use two overhead cranes in series that reach a capacity of 25 tons. Furthermore, within the production unit we have milling machines, lathes, radial drills and cutters that operate on high quality materials.


Our main processes are divided according to the processes:

  • MIG/MAG Welding
  • Submerged-arc welding
  • Electrode welding
  • TIG Welding



  • welding on carbon steel
  • welding on special steels
  • welding on stainless steel
  • welding on aluminum


We are therefore able to offer:

  • material inserts by welding
  • mounting
  • rotor mill repair
  • regeneration of rollers of various types
  • construction of carpentry wagons
  • construction of benches for boring machines
  • construction and assembly of complete network machines
  • civil carpentry construction
  • construction of carpentry for lifting machines
  • construction of machines for the steel industry up to 20 tons.

Via D'Orment, 6 - 33042 Buttrio (UD)

Tel +39 0432 674080
Fax +39 0432 673119


P.I. IT02221440304