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The history of the Tonello group was born in 1965 when Mr. Tonello founds the first company.
The family-run company had started with small agricultural repairs and small carpentry projects: a type of interventions that mainly supported the needs of the citizens of Buttrio and contributed to paying attention to the bond between the company and the territory.

Thus began his entrepreneurial adventure Bruno Tonello, who, over the years, wanted to preserve some key points of the company philosophy, such as the care and precision of every detail, the seriousness, professionalism, and the serenity of the working environment and rooting with the local reality.

From 1969, with the construction of the first shed, Tonello began its ascent in the processing of sheet metal and carpentry in northern Italy. The turning point came in 1976 with the purchase of two machines, a press brake and a shear. A decision that has allowed the company to expand and diversify the range of its customers, acting as a reference point for both Italian and foreign buyers, such as Austria and Germany. With the company, over the years, the number of employees has also grown. The team has expanded to include 60 employees, mostly born and professionally raised in the Tonello Group. In 1986 Tonello S.p.A., with a structure that is spread over 13,000 square meters, has further expanded its target, with the purchase of some pantographs that offer customers a new and cutting-edge service.

The ISO 9000 quality certification of Tonello, was officially attested in 2000, when the company obtained the recognition of the quality system (Sgs), both for processing and for the quality of the materials, thanks also to the shared work of all the operating sectors.

This is why Tonello, while dividing its employees into teams that guarantee better operations, has always valued the element of communication between the various departments. Bruno Tonello, the company's founder, was the first to promote this corporate philosophy. A modus operandi that he was able to transmit also to his daughters, becoming a real peculiarity of the whole group.

In 1989 Tonello expanded its offer through the birth of The company, which extends over an area of ​​4000 square meters and 2,300 interiors, operates in the construction of medium-heavy structural steelwork and supplies semi-finished products mainly for third parties. The decision was taken following an expansion of the clientele that required the foundation of a new company, able to respond to the most specific needs. In 2005 the real group was born with the foundation of the "Gruppo Tonello s.r.l." which includes Tonello S.p.A., Srl and the young Ossilaser. The latter, established in 2007 to enhance laser processing, is located within walking distance of other companies, covering an area of ​​10,000 square meters and 6,000 covered areas. The synergy that has been created between the company and the country is easily seen, observing the origin of the employees: almost half of the workers, in fact, are originally from and resident in Buttrio.

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